Monday, March 1, 2010

quick update! there's no time!

here's the quick update about me. i live in aurora. i am the primary chorister at church. it is stressful and overwhelming at times. but i'm already attached to the kids, so what are you going to do? i work at stacy's hallmark. hired as seasonal but i'm being kept at part time. i just got hired at target to be in their deli and bakery. i'm pretty excited about that. i'm not excited about the math i did on how many hours i'll be working! but then i did the math on how much money i'll be making and i am willing to deal with it. matt's about to have his birthday and i'm about to have a pampered chef dinner show. so i've been busy with planning a lot of things, including a trip back to texas. i can taste the 44oz blue raspberry icee from toot-n-totum right now! i got a digital camera so i've been taking a lot more pictures. sadly for you i post them all on facebook. i don't know who the "you" is i'm referring to. i don't even know why i'm keeping up with this. that's pretty much it. oh, and if i do know you and you're reading this and you have your own blog post a comment so i can find you!
that's my update. if you read it fast enough i bet it would be under a minute!

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Lindsey said...

I read your blog when you post something, but I always feel the same way about my blog. I always assume only my mom and sisters read it. Who knows really. Keep posting though because it's fun for me to see what you guys are doing and where life takes you. Glad I get to see your pictures on facebook!